WEXO token

With WEXO Token you can be more than a holder. Become part of our community and ecosystem.

WEXO Token holders can enjoy fee discounts on the WEXO exchange, platform, blockchain, and other products. All our products and services are powered by the WEXO Token.

WEXO Token offers many benefits and attractive appreciation through holding or staking. WEXO Token is currently in pre-sale, and an exchange listing is planned in 2023.

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928 000 000


+ 86 000 000

Pre-sale phases

Phase 1 0.11875 € until 31.5.2022
Phase 2 NA/Nan from 1.6.2022
Phase 3 0.25 € Listing price

Buy WEXO Token in pre-sale

Better price, benefits, and appreciation

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Staking with 24% APY

Don't miss out on the advantages of staking. Earn up to 24% APY for locking your WEXO Token in a staking pool.

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WEXO Profit Share up to 30%

The WEXO platform distributes 30% of accrued fees among pools: the profit will be distributed in direct proportion to the current number of validators in WEXO Profit Share

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Loyalty Program

Improved and more attractive Loyalty Program. Earn better and more attractive benefits and rewards according to the achieved level.

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Lower service fees

WEXO Token holders will pay lower service fees thanks to the Loyalty Program. Pay significantly lower fees for provided services and other benefits.

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Better access to services

WEXO Token holders will have a better experience and access to selected exclusive ecosystem features.


Vesting is a key part of the tokenomics of any crypto project. It is the process of holding, locking and releasing tokens of a given project.

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  • Reserves

  • Team & Supporters

  • Pre-sale

  • Public

  • Liquidity

  • Staking

  • Community & Ecosystem

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Max supply:



BSC (Binance Smart Chain)


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