WEXO Token listing is around the corner!

WEXO Token listing is around the corner!

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It is with joy and anticipation that we are pleased to announce that the listing of the WEXO Token on the stock exchange is inevitably approaching. In just two days, our long-awaited journey will reach another milestone as WEXO Token will be officially available on the exchange!

Thanks to this event, we will not only introduce ourselves to the crypto community from all over the world, but also to the general public. And for you who use Wexo, we will now make new options available directly in the app.

Listing on the exchange

An important milestone for us is the upcoming listing of the WEXO Token, which is scheduled for December 21, 2023, on the largest decentralized (DEX) exchange, Uniswap. The time of this key moment will be announced on our social media. So be sure to follow our Twitter and Telegram to always have the most up-to-date information.

In the future, we plan to expand and populate WEXO Token not only to other DEX exchanges, but also to centralized (CEX) exchanges as mentioned in our roadmap. These steps are part of our strategy to grow and increase the availability of WEXO Token and our services to a wider audience.

WEXO Token and Ethereum blockchain

WEXO Token works thanks to the ERC-20 network of the Ethereum blockchain. We believe that by choosing this stable and proven network, we will provide our users with a secure and efficient environment for trading our tokens. All transaction fees related to WEXO Token are settled in the native Ether token (ETH) of the Ethereum blockchain. A positive Ethereum wallet balance in your Wexo account is therefore required for these transactions and the payment of transaction fees. However, an important exception is the staking deposit, the launch of which we will inform you about shortly. The deposit (Stake) into Presale staking pools will be fully covered by Wexo and the user will receive a 100% discount on this transaction fee. Entry into staking with presale tokens is therefore free of charge

Purchase of tokens in the Wexo app

In order to facilitate the purchase of WEXO Tokens for our users, we offer the possibility to purchase via our app directly on the Uniswap exchange. Users will be able to purchase WEXO Tokens at the exchange price, either using Ethereum (ETH) or simply using a payment card. This is another step towards achieving our vision of providing ease and convenience in cryptocurrency exchange.

For more information, follow us on our Twitter and Telegram.