Why own a WEXO Token?

Why own a WEXO Token?

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Prestigious auditor ranked WEXO among TOP10% of projects

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Wexo Meetup Košice on 27 April (invitation)

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Our WEXO utility token powers a platform ecosystem that bridges two worlds. The world of modern cryptocurrencies and the world of outdated finance. We believe in a future built on blockchain, where decentralized finance, smart contracts, and DAO organizations will revolutionize all sectors of the modern world.

IBAN account and cryptocurrencies in one app

Until this change happens, we need a way to move from the old world of finance to the new world of cryptocurrencies. That connecting link is the Wexo ecosystem.

Our platform is a gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies, even for less experienced users. In a modern and simple app, users will find the essentials. Buying cryptocurrencies with a credit card or using Apple Pay/Google Pay is possible in a few clicks. The integrated exchange office allows for the instant exchange of cryptocurrencies. Of course, they can be stored, sent, and received securely.

Sending payments to a phone number

Unique features such as sending payments to a phone number, autoinvest, standing orders, and cryptocurrency account statements add value for our users around the world.

WEXO Token is the driving force behind our entire platform. The latter will soon also offer users a FIAT zone, a full IBAN account, and later a Wexo payment card in one app.

Recommend WEXO to your friends and earn Bitcoin

WEXO Token holders get lower fees through the Loyalty Program. They also have the chance to earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether. Last but not least, they can join the Wexo Profit Share Pool and get a piece of the platform's profits.

By today's standards, WEXO Token holders will also be able to stake their tokens, which will increase in value by up to 24% per year. In the current presale phase, when the pre-sale pool of the WEXO Token is roughly 50% sold out, its price is just over €0.14. The WEXO Token is scheduled to list on the exchange this year at a price of €0.25.

How can the WEXO Token grow?

Many similar platforms have been able to grow in value by several hundred percent after going public with their tokens.

When a WEXO Token is listed on an exchange, the number of tokens in circulation (circulation supply) gives us a good place to start. With a market capitalization of around USD 3,000,000, the WEXO Token will reach 980 and below in the Coinmarketcap rankings. Based on the services we already provide or are actively developing, we believe we have a strong chance of entering the Top 300 or Top 100 cryptocurrencies on the market.

How many times can the value of a WEXO Token grow?

- Potential increase from 980 rungs to TOP300 - 20x

- Potential increase from 980 rungs to TOP100 - 90x

The vesting of our WEXO Token is set to slowly release into circulation, ensuring only moderate inflation and thus avoiding selling pressure.

We are not dependent on large investors, unlike most projects. Wexo has no large investors, and 100% of the tokens are held by our great community, where we currently have over 58,000 unique WEXO Token holders.

One of the push-up effects that naturally increases the demand for WEXO Tokens is the WEXO Token Saving Model - a unique savings model for WEXO Tokens, and the near inclusion of WEXO Token in the HODL Index portfolios at Crypton Digital.

Our ambition is to grow from today's 200,000 users to 1 million over the next few years. We believe that during the bull run in the cryptocurrency market, we will jump on an upward trajectory.

In the meantime, we will bring users a redesigned NFT Studio and Wexo Marketplace 2.0, a full IBAN account directly in the app, and interesting collaborations not only with influencers but also with multinational institutions.

Download the app

Download our Wexo app for your iPhone or Android and see for yourself how easy it can be to use cryptocurrencies.

Join the Loyalty Program

Also, join the Loyalty Program and enjoy perks and benefits, or earn cryptocurrencies by recommending our platform.

Buy a WEXO Token

Become a part of our community today. Take advantage of the presale opportunity and purchase a WEXO Token before listing on the exchange.