Important announcement: New Tokenomics

Important announcement: New Tokenomics

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Dear WEXO token holders,

We want to inform you about new changes in the token economy.

The year 2022 will be a year of news, where the WEXO platform will enormously increase the number of services offered, and its WEXO token will be listed on the exchange.

Proper listing on the exchange involves extensive preparation, such as:

• Whitepaper 2.0,
• effective tokenomics,
• staking,
• vesting,
• communication with exchanges and listing of token,
• listing in the appropriate jurisdiction,
• preparation of marketing outputs and cooperation with YouTubers, influencers,
and much more.

With this article, we would like to inform you that our team is working on releasing Whitepaper 2.0, including information about the NFT marketplace and the opportunity to participate in the METAVERSE.

We consider tokenomics as an important topic, which our team has enriched with new aspects you will undoubtedly appreciate.
For strategic reasons, we have decided to change our listing price from the previous planned price of 1 € to a new, more attractive price of 0.25 € for 1 Wexo token.

Of course, we have thought of everything, and we have good news for you:

We have increased your tokens, which you have purchased so far, eight times. Let's say you invested 1,000 € at a pre-sale price of 0.95 €, so till recently you would have 1,053 tokens.
As the expected Listing Price was 1 €, your 1,053 tokens x 1 € in your Wexo account would show you 1,053 € when entering the exchange. And with the new TOKENOMICS, we gave you eight times the tokens via AirDrop, i.e., 1,053 x 8 = 8,424 tokens. However, the new Listing Price on the exchange is set at 0.25 €, so entering the exchange will show you the WEXO account value 8,024 x 0.25 € = 2,106 €!

We believe that the TOKENOMICS adjustments have pleased you, and we appreciate all those who own and will own the TOKENs in the pre-sale phase.

If you are thrilled by our new TOKENOMICS, planned news and this year's prepared listing on the exchange, it is possible to increase your TOKENS, through new orders, of course, at the best possible prices, which are prepared as follows:

Pre-sale part:

• from now till 31.5.2022 you can buy a token for a price of 0.11875 € / token.
• from 1.6.2022 till listing on the exchange you can buy a token for a price of 0.125 € / token.

The starting listing price will be 0.25 €.
You get a volume discount if you buy a tokens for 7,000 € or more.
Possibility to buy from 50 € - 25,000 €.
After listing on the exchange, it is planned to stop the sale temporarily or permanently.
Currently, only 50% of the volume of tokens intended for the pre-sale phase is available.

What have we achieved with these steps?

• purchased tokens x8 (e.g., if you had 1,000 tokens, you now own 8,000 tokens),
• we have improved our starting listing price,
• we are thinking of the community, and we have increased their number of tokens,
• we have increased the bonus TOKENS x4 (e.g., if you had 500 tokens, now you have 2,000 tokens),
• tokenomics is more explicit with more data,
• application of vesting and staking,

Changes in the WEXO zone should already be implemented, but please be patient due to data control.