Elon Musk called fiat currency a scam

Elon Musk called fiat currency a scam

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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, recently caused a stir in financial circles when he called fiat currencies a scam in a provocative post. Musk was responding to a question addressed to the community regarding things considered to be scams, even though they are socially accepted. Musk did not add any further comments on the subject.

Fiat currencies, represented by traditional currencies such as the dollar, euro or yen, are characterized by the fact that they are not backed by any physical commodity such as gold, but their value is based on trust in the authority of the issuing government. Musk's statement thus adds further arguments to the ongoing debate about the role of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in the battle with the traditional financial system.

Positive reactions to Musk's tweet have come swiftly, especially from Bitcoin supporters who see his words as an endorsement of digital currencies. They argue that Bitcoin represents an alternative to fiat currencies, while offering the benefits of decentralisation and inflation-proofing. Musk's comments have thus further enlivened the debate about the future of finance and the coexistence of traditional and digital currencies in the modern world.

Geothermal Bitcoin mining project Volcano Energy has been launched

Volcano Energy

Last week, Volcano Energy and Luxor Technology Corporation officially launched Lava Pool, El Salvador's first bitcoin mining group powered by renewable geothermal energy. Volcano Energy, which has pledged to contribute 23% of its net income to the Salvadoran government, will exclusively mine blocks through Lava Pool.

Gerson Martinez, Volcano Energy's Chief Strategy Officer, sees Lava Pool as another example of El Salvador's primacy as a state in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The collaboration with Luxor Technology paves the way for the creation of a vertically integrated company focused on energy and bitcoin mining, which is expected to bring value to both investors and the citizens of El Salvador.

This partnership is a key part of El Salvador's efforts to integrate Bitcoin into its energy infrastructure. With the country's abundant renewable energy resources, bitcoin miners can make a significant contribution to the economic efficiency of new energy projects, especially in remote areas. At the same time, they can offer flexible load management to support the grid during peaks in demand or periods of stress. El Salvador plans to reinvest profits from Bitcoin mining into improvements to its energy transmission and distribution infrastructure, which will help strengthen the country's energy systems and lay the foundation for economic growth, technological advancement, and a sustainable future.

Joe Rogan and the founder of OpenAI expressed confidence in Bitcoin to become a universal world currency

Joe Rogan

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, expressed his enthusiasm for Bitcoin, calling it a "super logical" step in technological evolution that is beyond government control and contributes to the fight against corruption. Altman shared his views on Bitcoin's potential to become the world's reserve currency and expressed his concerns about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Altman, who is also the founder of Worldcoin, discussed the transition to a "technologically secure world" where Bitcoin could help reduce corruption. Corruption is a serious obstacle to social progress, he said, but in a digital world where payments are traceable, corruption can be greatly reduced. Joe Rogan echoed Altman's enthusiasm for Bitcoin, although he expressed skepticism about the broader crypto industry.

Rogan described Bitcoin as a fascinating cryptocurrency with the potential to become a "universal payment currency" due to its limited supply and decentralized nature. Altman and Rogan also expressed concern about CBDCs and worries about the possibility of the United States becoming a surveillance state, which could give governments even more control over how people spend their money. Altman expressed disappointment in recent actions by the U.S. government toward the crypto industry, which he considers a sad development for the country.