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Modern Entrepreneurs Accept Cryptocurrencies

WEXO is the simplest way into the world of cryptocurrencies. Our domain is simplicity and user-friendly services, which have already been embraced by 200,000 users worldwide. We are now expanding our rich ecosystem to include services for entrepreneurs, whom we want to connect with cryptocurrency users.

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Why Accept Cryptocurrencies as Payment?

Watch our podcast for entrepreneurs. Why should you join the ranks of modern companies and entrepreneurs today and how can you use cryptocurrencies to your advantage? Listen to the podcast where you'll learn about the main benefits cryptocurrencies can bring to your business and how Wexo can assist you.


Receive Payments Instantly and From Anywhere


Benefit from Lower Transaction Fees


No More Fraudulent Chargebacks


Find New and Creditworthy Customers


Utilize Cryptocurrencies for Marketing

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Creating NFTs

Tokenization, Crowdfunding

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Buying and Investing

in the Cryptocurrency Market

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