WEXO is growing and progressing: These are the latest news and plans

WEXO is growing and progressing: These are the latest news and plans

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Prestigious auditor ranked WEXO among TOP10% of projects

Prestigious auditor ranked WEXO among TOP10% of projects

The listing on a centralized exchange, together with the excellent audit result and the 8th place among payment pro...

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Wexo Points: Find places where you can pay with Bitcoin (App Update)

Wexo Points: Find places where you can pay with Bitcoin (App Up...

Search nearby businesses that accept Bitcoin payments

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Wexo Meetup Košice on 27 April (invitation)

Wexo Meetup Košice on 27 April (invitation)

Saturday full of news and innovations this time in the metropolis of the east!

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Innovations within the WEXO platform are making significant progress. We are glad to be constantly increasing the volume of users. We are intensively preparing for the entry of our WEXO Token on the crypto exchange, and this year we will enormously expand the portfolio of offered services.

Our application is used every week by more than 50,000 users from all over the world. Users from India, Brazil, and Slovakia are well represented. In total, we just exceeded the limit of 185,000 users. We only got to this enormous number in less than a year.

You can easily receive, store and send cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and more with our WEXO cryptocurrency application yet. An exchange office is integrated directly into the application, so you can smoothly swap your digital assets. The application also includes cryptocurrency trezoring with an attractive valuation.

We want to make cryptocurrencies use as simple as possible. A convenient purchase of cryptocurrencies by payment card is an innovation in the WEXO application. Purchase of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be quick, easy and safe, just with a few clicks.

Brand new WEXO 2.0 application

We prepare a better application with an improved design and new features. We are currently testing the new WEXO application; you will have perfect access to your cryptocurrencies and all functions within our platform. We will present it to you in more detail soon.

We have paid attention to small details in the app design and development to make its use more pleasant and easier. As an example of sending cryptocurrencies via a phone number, all you have to do is select a contact from your contact list.

The new WEXO cryptocurrency application will offer you a more detailed overview of your portfolio and transactions. For each cryptocurrency, you will also find its description and characteristics.

The basic package will contain 30 cryptocurrencies, and the addition of others will be decided directly by you, the users.

WEXO NFT Studio brings you the opportunity to create your NFT

Our current NFT marketplace is undergoing significant changes. A completely new service is being developed for all WEXO users. Thanks to our ecosystem and the WEXO NFT Studio service, every user will be able to create NFT easily. If you are a graphic designer, musician, artist or want to publish your collection of NFT, WEXO NFT Studio will be the service just for you.

WEXO Loyalty will bring you even more benefits than the Affiliate program

We are pleasantly surprised that the WEXO tokens (set aside for the Affiliate) were spent in such a short time, thanks to your great activity. We want to thank you very much. As this was a popular benefit among users, we decided to keep and improve the rewards and bonuses for the WEXO users.

Therefore, we are preparing a new WEXO Loyalty program. Based on your activity and current level, you will receive better and more attractive benefits and rewards in lower fees for selected services or direct provisions for recommending the WEXO application to your friends and acquaintances.

Get the WEXO TOKEN in advance before entering the crypto exchange

Our utility token WEXO is the first cryptocurrency from Slovakia running on the Cardano blockchain. Intensive negotiations with several world cryptocurrency exchanges are currently underway.

You can purchase it directly in the WEXO application in the current pre-sale phase; the pre-sale price is 0.11875 €. Listing on the crypto exchange is planned soon for 0.25 €.

We expect the value of our WEXO Token to continue to grow, even after listing, especially given the number of features and services that the WEXO platform offers and its growing number of users.

So don't hesitate and buy the WEXO Token in advance at a better price, so get involved in staking and dividend pools in the future and get lower fees and other benefits within our WEXO platform.